We are thrilled to share that LEAP is preparing to open a Children’s Center at the Trinity Church of the Nazarene in Lompoc. This exciting development marks a significant stride toward fulfilling the increasing need for affordable and top-tier child care services in our community. The new Children’s Center will serve children ages 3 months to 5 years.

As we prepare our facilities to meet regulatory requirements for licensure, we are seeking community support. Your gift will help offset the cost of establishing a high-quality childcare center in Lompoc. Together, we can provide a safe, enriching environment where children can thrive and families can have peace of mind. Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Funding Opportunities

Setting the Stage: Facilities Upgrades – Total: $139,000

To become a fully licensed children’s center, meeting rigorous safety and accessibility standards is paramount. Our upgrades are not just about enhancing aesthetics; they’re about creating a secure and inclusive environment that adheres to regulatory requirements. Your gift will play a crucial role in this journey, helping us meet regulations and establish a safe environment for all children in our care.

  • Painting – $50,000
  • Double Paned Safety Windows – $30,000
  • ADA Bathrooms – $27,000
  • Replace Ceiling – $25,000
  • Safety Doors – $7,000

Outdoor Adventures: Playground Enhancement– Total: $87,200

Our new playground will provide a safe and stimulating environment for active play and exploration. From installing age-appropriate equipment to ensuring soft and durable surfacing, every upgrade will contribute to fostering imaginative play, as well as physical and social development. Below is a selection of playground needs.

  • Fencing – $35,000
  • Turf – $10,000
  • Tricycles and Outdoor Toys – $6,200
  • Sand Box and Sand Toys – $5,000
  • Garden – $5,000
  • Water Play Station – $1,000

Learning Havens: Outfitting Three Classrooms – Total: $84,500

Classrooms are where much of the magic happens. Through our bilingual curriculum and carefully selected age-appropriate toys, books, and activities, children will experience the joys of learning and develop essential life skills. Below is a selection of classroom needs.

  • Cabinets and Storage – $25,000
  • Toys, Puzzles, and Art Supplies – $9,500
  • Cribs for 12 Infants – $6,000
  • Strollers for Nature Walks – $5,000
  • Science area – $5,000 (3) needed
  • Tables and chairs – $3,000 (3) needed
  • Cubbies – $1,500 (3) needed
  • Classroom Library – $1,000 (3) needed


Contact Kara Shoemaker, Director of Development at karas@leapcentralcoast.org