Family Council

LEAP believes in the power of family involvement in our students’ growth, development, and education. That’s why we invite all parents and caregivers to join our special bi-monthly Family Council Meetings, held conveniently on Zoom.

This meeting is not only a space for families to hear the latest news and activities that happens at the Children’s Center but come together to support their child’s classroom and school community. It also doubles as our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) session. Here, you can share your thoughts, concerns, and ideas directly with the school administration, helping to shape important decisions and initiatives that impact our children’s learning experience.

We warmly encourage all families to not only attend but also to consider stepping up as a classroom representative. By signing up, you can play a vital part in fostering a supportive and engaging environment for all our students. Plus, it’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with other families and contribute to the success of our LEAP community!

If you need the Zoom link or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Program Director. Find out the time and schedule for these meetings on the school calendar, and join us in making a difference in our children’s education journey!